I discovered my love for photography by accident. After earning my BS in Accounting, BS in Finance, MBA, and an MS MIS, my goal was to make my mark in the corporate world. After several years of work, I wanted to do something more fulfilling. Unsure of what I should pursue next, I backpacked for six weeks making stops in NYC, Baltimore, DC, Madison, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle. I brought along a basic dSLR on my travels to document my journey. Upon my return, I showed the images to my family and friends. They remarked how good they thought the images were. So, I asked, "Are they good enough to pay for?" And the rest is history.

I absolutely love what I do and am humbled by the opportunities given to me to capture moments that some will cherish for the rest of their lives. I am driven to succeed not only for myself, but for the reliance of me by others. I know how special pictures can be so I work relentlessly to continually get better. I invest in professional grade Nikon bodies and lenses to ensure my images do not lack for sake of technical shortfall.